Little Tween on the Prairie

Last night while doing an after dinner stroll online through the aisles of eBay, I found this gem.

Man, does this skirt take me back!


Did anyone else want nothing more for their birthday than to casually show up in at the movie theater with five of her friends to watch Love at First Bite* looking like a stone cold fox in a prairie skirt? I  remember  BEGGING my mom from Christmas to Easter nonstop to buy me a prairie skirt.  And dare I dream…wear it with a pair of clogs? (I know, again with the clogs…I’m THIS close to renaming the blog Good Clogernoon…, but I digress..)

I think my lust for this fashion-forward skirt of the late seventies/early eighties came partly from watching one too many Little House on the Prairie episode and my rampant readership/abuse of Young Miss Magazine which was full of clear faced dew models sashaying from cover to cover in dainty flower printed prairie skirt awesomeness.

To dream a little dream when one is young.

*Total side bar, but when I went to to find the info on the movie, I came across the Variety story, “Hamilton Stakes Out Batrimony”.  Oh, Variety, I love your bad puns!

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