Just in time

Today I received not one, but TWO packages in the mail full of yarn today. Be still my heart! And just in time for my six day vacation on Tomales Bay, where I have nothing planned but knitting and hanging out in the hot-tub–well, not at the same time, but you get the drift.

The first package was the Kim Hargreaves sweater. Her presentation won over my marketing heart. A darling little card was tucked in between the sheets of tissue paper and ribbon wrapped around the yarn. I took an awful picture of the package with my phone at work, but have yet to figure out how to put it on the Web.

I can hardly wait to get my needles into that yummy Rowan yarn. And since the needles are HUGE–size 17–and the pattern is mostly garter stitch, I’m hoping to have some nice pictures of my progress to show when I get back Tuesday.

But the big news is that Sweetie and I looked at houses yesterday. One in Alameda, the sleepy island town just across the Bay. The house is darling on the inside–lots of space and a very sunny back room and a nice back yard too. After ten years of city apartment living, this little house looks like heaven. The outside could definitely use some help, but there is promise of paint. So, cross your fingers everyone–we send our applications in tomorrow. Let’s cross our fingers that those few late payments on my Visa card don’t keep me from my dream house!

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