Happy Halloween! For me!

The emphasis now that I have a baby is not what I will go for Halloween, but what the Peach shall be.

But I remember when I would spend months contemplating what to go as for Halloween. I always try to do something significant to the times.

Here I am as Chelsea Clinton circa 1997 when she was just entering Stanford University as a freshman.  With two friends dressed as bodyguards. One dressed as a suit and the other as a “civilian” student. God I thought I was SO CLEVER! Thanks Rosemary for sending it along!


I will show you pictures of the Peach later this week and share with your the tragic tale of woe that is her Halloween costume.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! For me!”

  1. classic! I hope you went with the rapper look! I have a feeling you went with the bee? What happened to the pork sirloin in a pot? I super hope you are feeling better!

    Love you!

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