Finally, The Sweater Has an Owner

I made this sweater in 1997. For some baby. I can’t even remember. But I fell in love with this little cardigan. It’s from Kim Hargreaves Tadpoles & Tiddler book. It was my first attempt with intarsia and such a complicated smocking pattern.

But when I finished this sweater I did something that I thought was just a wee bit crazy. I kept it. For my baby. My unborn baby girl that I knew I was going to have one day.  That’s who the sweater really belonged to and I knew it would have an owner one day.

I continued to date for the next six years. And then I found The One. And then I became pregnant. With a girl. My girl.

It was worth the wait.

This little cardigan reminds me how lucky I am every time she puts it on.

It is not the best made sweater, but it is the dearest sweater I’ve ever made.

And it suits the Peach to a T.

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