Top Ten Things I Loved About My Tomales Bay Vacation

  1. Counting stars at night from the hot tub and breathing in the distinct scent of the ocean mixed with fresh herbs and apples hanging from the tree above us
  2. Starting and completing all the knitting for my Kim Hargreaves sweater—with size 17 needles it was the fastest thing I’ve ever knit up!
  3. Rediscovering the joys of reading while diving into The Historian (while sunning myself outside
  4. Falling asleep to the sounds of water lapping outside our window (and sleeping on a properly firm mattress as opposed to the deadbeat one at my house)
  5. Eating apple pancakes while watching jelly fish casually swim by the house—they are so graceful and beautiful—from a safe distance
  6. Deciding to plant tons of mint in the backyard of our dream house we are hoping to rent in Alameda—after finishing our second round of mojitos, of course
  7. Taking naps during the day because I can
  8. Dining on the best BBQ oysters served at the Marshall General Store, which was a short 10 minute walk from our house
  9. Not having access to a computer or even a telephone for five glorious days
  10. Just being with my sweetie
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