The Kid’s Got Talent

Have you heard of Style Rookie?

It’s this brilliant fashion blog by a 13 year old. Yes, that is correct.

Thirteen, people.

When  was thirteen, I thought the height of fashion was frosted pink lipstick. I was more interested in that baggy shaker knit mustard yellow sweater  I saw at the Limited the last time my mom drove me to the mall than having an opinion on the spring 2010 Steve McQueen shoe collection.

And certainly I didn’t think I was cool enough to even think of this outfit, let alone wear it. And here is Tavi rocking it out.

taviIt really saddened me when I read on her blog that she sometimes is made fun of in her school for the way she dresses.  But she is confidently doing her own thing and I respect her great self confidence to live her live and dress the way she wants.  And she found people who appreciate her unique take on style through her blog.

Man, being a teenager is tough enough–there is such pressure to fit in. But I salute anyone who wants to march to their own drummer and be as joyous in it as Tavi.

I’m buying my Team Tavi t-shirt tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “The Kid’s Got Talent”

  1. yep, i love her too! i haven’t checked her blog in a while so thank you for reminding me about her. I wonder what her parents are like? How she became exposed to fashion?? She’s def rockin’ her own style!!

  2. Oh my who is this kid? More, who is this kid’s parents?
    I’ve had a W subscription since I was 14, but my mom never read it.
    The last time me, my husband and another MALE friend of ours was talking about yohji yamamoto, the people at the other table looked at us like we were uber dorks. How does a 13 year old get backstage at fashion week?
    I love it! And am mad that blogging was not around when I was 13.
    Damn it!

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