Minnow and Peach Update

The love affair continues.

The Peach loves Minnow. What can I say? She’s completely obsessed with the cat.

Minnow is Edward from Twilight rolled in cat fur to the Peach.  The Peach squeals like she just saw a Beatle, she is that obsessed. She is vice president of the Minnow fan club.  The Peach nearly faints when Minnow enters the room and looks around for the closest writing instrument to have Minnow write her name on her widdle tummy.  IT IS THAT SERIOUS, PEOPLE.

It would be the perfect relationship if only Miss P knew how to properly worship at the alter of Minnow. Instead of petting our cat, the Peach thinks it’s so much fun to try to pull Minnow’s fur off. I guess the Peach is trying to get a memento of Minnow to put under her pillow. But bless Minnow’s heart, she hasn’t try to swat at our little babe.  What a good little kitty I have!

Hmm, looking at that photo above makes me think that the love is pretty one sided at this point. And that my child has no wrist–just an indent in her baby chub. Hilarious.

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2 thoughts on “Minnow and Peach Update”

  1. Oh Minnow, so sweet with the Peach and yet consistently hissing at me. It’s amazing how cats know/ understand little ones. I think Miss Kitty is obsessed with little girls, whenever we have little guests she follows them around. It’s quite darling.

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