Good Stuff = No time

My sweetie just started his new job. But he is still freelancing his old job and going to school. So he is busy. Too busy to help me post pictures and do all that stuff. I promise that in November I will be much better about posting pictures and making this blog look far more charming than it looks right now. Yeah, Maybe, I’ll do that 100 things about me thing. And other stuff. Yeah!

But right now the next month is going to be painful for me because:

1.) We are moving from SF to Alameda into a classic California bungalow
2.) Devil-Ettes are putting on Tease-O-Rama, the only burlesque convention in the world!
3.) I’m going on a stressful business trip

All by Oct. 1st. So bring on the packing tape and fancy dance move. Sleep–that’s so five minutes ago. I’ve been waking up at 4:00AM every morning thinking about stuff. It’s driving me mad.

What STRESS-FREE knitting project can I do through all of this madness? SOCKS! Yeah. I’m going to knit socks! Yeah!

And I promise wonderful pictures of fun stuff tomorrow. I promise!

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