Baby needs a hat

Unfortunately, the Peach is down with a high fever right now, but so forgive me if posting is light for the rest of the week between my sick baby and Thanksgiving.

I think I need to do some knitting to get my mind off of my sick little Peach.

I’ve been most remiss in my baby knitting. I’ve made her a hat or two out of scrap yarn and re-purposed other sweaters for her.

But when the Peach’s daycare provider said she needed a hat for her afternoon strolls, I knew the knitting needles were going to have to come out.

Afterall, it is Fall and it wouldn’t be Autumn without a bit of knitting. My arms can handle a bit of knitting.

And something special to keep her little head warm.

Like this utterly gorgeous silk from Debbie Bliss matched with this sweet vintage style pattern for a stella pixie hat.

The colors I think will match her new little magenta fleece nicely, don’t you think?

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