Auntie Jen gave us the most amazing holiday present–watching the Peach while my sweetie and I saw the movie  Sherlock Holmes starring my beloved Jude Law and Robert Downey Junior.

My first job was working in a library shelving books and I remember Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes sitting on the shelf always always always there. Never moving. And yet, here it is in glorious technicolor.  I do wonder whether or not this movie will help move that book off the shelf.


The movie was a lot of fun with a touch of steam-punk.

But to me, my heart will always belong to Young Sherlock Holmes.


While other teens swooned over Duran Duran, I felt a heart flutter over the awkward British dreamboat that is Nicholas Rowe.  What can I say, the geeky 8th grade heart wants what the geeky 8th grade heart wants.

Happy Holidays!

I can’t lie. It’s been a hectic December.  I wish I could say it was because I was going out to fancy parties, or shopping while looking at pretty Christmas windows or having a special holiday tea or making Christmas cookies

But it is still that wonderful time of year. I’m having a tough time dusting off the holiday cheer when to me it is so closely linked to being back East. But I must make these California Christmases equally special.

Who doesn’t need a little holiday cheer right about now.

A little story told in gingerbread from CHOW!

And to put a little cherry on this Christmas Eve, my Sweetie and I took the Peach on a last minute trip to see Mr. C.  Here she is waiting in line in a certain hand knit sweater, that was perfect for Christmas!


Afterall, she has been so very good.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I’ll catch you all on the flip side!

Holiday Shopping

Tis the season for shopping.

But the stores this weekend were looking a little care-worn.

Check this friend’s photo from a store this weekend. Yowch!


It looks like someone had a bar fight in this aisle!

I understand the toughness of working retail during the holidays. One December after college I spent hustling pantyhose in the hosiery department of a local department store and still can’t look at a package of DKNY black stockings without getting a little shiver down my spine.

So, to all of you retail soldiers out there, I salute you and raise a glass of egg nog your way! Only 24 more hours left!

This Week in Pants

I adore my day care provider.

Not only because she takes beautiful care of my Peach. But because she’s a seamstress.  A true kindred spirit.

In one afternoon, she:

  • Serviced my machine
  • Showed me the right bobbin to use for my machine
  • Found me the right size needle for my machine
  • Pretty much taught me how to sew on my sewing machine
  • Helped match fabrics
  • And helped me sew five button-cute pairs of pants for the Peach! FIVE PAIRS, PEOPLE!!! Nice cozy flannel lined pants that fit properly over the Peach’s cloth swaddled little bottom perfectly and match all of her little tops to boot.

I will post pictures of the Peach in some of her dandier outfits tomorrow!

You can get these dandy pants too–she made the pattern herself and it’s so easy–trust me! We zipped these out so quickly–I think each pair took less than 20 minutes to make. Tops!

Little red riding hoodie

Well, if I have no knitting going on, that doesn’t mean I can’t showcase the amazing work for others.

Exhibit A:

The Domiknitrix made the Peach this dandy red sweater–it’s a baby version of her famous little red riding hoodie sweater that is so popular in the knitting world.

I love it. It is one of those pieces of baby clothes that have been worn to death by the Peach. I also love it because the Domiknitrix is such a clever knitter and you can see that thoughtful knitting stitch design in her work, which makes it particularly stunning.

Hmm… Perhaps this would have been a more stunning picture if I brushed the Peach’s hair. Well, like mother like daughter, I suppose…

The Peach was wearing her sweater this weekend while we were out shopping when we were stopped by a lady who commented on her little outfit saying she looked like a European  baby with all her cute knits.

My little euro baby!  I have to laugh because the pattern on her little dress looks rather fancy, but I bought it from Babies R Us–Carter’s brand along with a red and white polkadot dress for $4.00 this summer.

You Do the Hokey Pokey

A lovely friend of mine invited me to her holiday dinner party.  I have known Mixie since college and many many days where spent on her sofa knitting and drinking and eating and laughing.   For a Mixie dinner party, the standard bottle of wine just didn’t seem special enough for the occasion.

This dilemma sent me bounding towards my groaning cookbook shelves to pull out a recipe I’ve been wanting to make for ages. Nigella’s hokey pokey or honeycomb.

Just three ingredients and five minutes of hands-on cooking were transformed into a sweet treat that I think any hostess would enjoy.  Perfect to make during the Peach’s scant afternoon nap this past Saturday.

I think the honeycomb would be particularly nice over vanilla ice cream or on top of the next batch of brownies. Hint hint, Mixie!

A Kinda Crafty Christmas

Of course I’d love to make all of my holiday gifts by hand, but since I usually have only five minutes a day to craft and so many presents to  give, I think I may have to rely on the craftiness of others to help me through.

Which is why I plan on going to this year’s Renegade Craft Fair next Saturday. BooYAH!


Heck, if I can’t craft, then I’d like to support other crafters whose ingenuity and appreciation for hand-made makes my world and theirs better.

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Girl, you rock.

You rock because you actually made it to 50,000 words on NaNoWriMo–even with managing a play, performing in the piece and handling Thanksgiving dinner for 12.

You rock for making the scale go down instead of up.

You rock for being a spectacular mother who fights causes not only for her own amazing and super cute kidlet, but for other Moms being the voice of reason in a world of over-parenting.

You rock for turning 40 with as much passion and charm and love for life as any kid hitting 21. In fact more.

Quite simply, lady. You ROCK.

Happy birthday, Melinda! I owe you a whiskey and ginger ale. And keep up the fight, woman!

Boob Tube Bonanza

Tonight is a virtual rock block of TV awesomeness on Fox. So You Think You Can Dance followed by the Fall Finale of Glee.

Just the fact that Glee is going away for four months is enough to have me wearing black tomorrow in grief. So, I must drink up every moment of Glee glam while I can.  Oh, I hope they don’t leave us with too much of a cliffhanger.  Yikes!  How will I live without being able to quote Sue Sylvester?

And I just don’t  know who they could possibly cut from So You Think You Can Dance! Any way you slice it will sadden me.  I must admit I’m rooting for Jakob–I mean, did you see  Jacob and Mollee’s Viennese waltz?

But whoever wins doesn’t really win because, Billy Bell left the competition and even in the short bits that we did see him dance–well, it was simply magical. Let’s remember he had Adam Shankman crying, people–just at the audition.

And that Mandy Moore piece to Coldplay was so yummy.

Oh Billy, only you could rock a pair of postman pants in a dance number.

And as if tonight isn’t bananas enough, Bravo is tormenting me with the finale of this season of Top Chef. PATHOS!  I’m on Team Kevin.

I just wish I could stay up past 8:30PM…

Who are you rooting for?

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