Thank you, Mr. Stork!

For dropping off such a nice sweet baby girl as this one. Well worth the wait, if I do say so myself.

We are head over heels with this our little Peach. Our Sugarsnap.  This darling and beautiful little bit of life.

We just feel so truly blessed as we tuck her into our lives forever.    So wonderful.  I wish I was a better writer to capture all that this is, all that has changed in one quick breath with her wee barbaric yawp. Something I have wanted as long as I can remember–kissing and cuddling my Raggedy Ann since I can remember.

I hope I do right by you, little girl of mine. Mine.

And thank you all for your very kind words of encouragement that helped keep me sane through the final couple of weeks and putting up with my incessant crafting. Please know that I felt and appreciated every good luck wish during my time in the hospital. You all are the very very best friends and readers a girl could ever ask for and I am so lucky to have each and every one of you in my life–from people I see every day, to newly found friends to readers that have never even left a comment but still read my garrulous gobblygoop blog–thank you!

I must admit I have absolutely no idea how much this wee one will change my blogging habits, but I hope you’ll continue to check in. And I fear there may be more Peachy posts than anything else, but I will try my best! vPlease note that I do have two crafty posts that I hope to post in the upcoming days.

Oh, and here she is–two days old sporting of course a Miss Dottie original little knit hat–a bit of good luck in the nursery to tell her apart from all of the other babies. Not that the hat was needed for that…

Isn’t she sweet?

Knitting and a wee nook for the baby

Just short of offering this kid a pony, I’m doing things to coax our little Peach out.  The first was the quilt and now this–some knitting fun and a place for her.

I have been too anxious to even think about casting on something that I won’t have time to finish before the baby comes, and too pregnancy-brained to follow an actual pattern, so knitting projects have had to be pulled back to the most basic ones. But basic doesn’t mean not full of charm or perfect for the baby.

I somehow managed to finish this sweet little set of booties with a matching hat made from yarn I already had around–nicely modeled by Raggedy Anne.

Raggedy is also testing the little nook we carved out for the baby in our bedroom room, since the nursery is not ready yet. I’ll give you a sneak peak of it tomorrow hopefully…  We patched together the little space with an old bookcase that holds the burp cloths I edged with vintagey fabric, as well as IKEA tins full of the tiniest little shirts in size newborn just waiting for the Peach.  Oh and a little box full of the sweetest footies ever.

The top of my great Aunt Lil’s mirrored dresser is the perfect place for a changing table. And the co-sleeper was too big, so we are putting the wee one in a vintage pram from the 40s that can be wheeled from room to room.

It’s not big, my little Peach, but much love went into creating this welcoming place for you–so please come out–we are waiting for you. We’ve packed out bags and are ready to go.

We just need you to let us know when you are ready to go.

Wes Anderson and Quilting

Well, I’m still pregnant. So very very pregnant.

A friend on Facebook said, “it’s no use shaking the tree to get the fruit out–better to wait.”  However, I must admit I’d like to strangle that tree and have my little Peach fall into my welcoming arms.

But instead I build a nest for her. A quilt to catch her and wrap her in against this cold bright world. Perhaps that is what she is waiting for.

Since the move, the quilt has been skittled around from room to room,  pieced together from the vintage tablecloth I bought ages ago.  I never sat down and said, “today I will make the quilt”–it sort of just bloomed on its own.  And machine quilting isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes time and measurements and a bit of fiddling at times.

Mistakes were made (too fluffy of a batting traded out for an adhesive one.) And many stitches were taken out. Not for perfection–just to make sure the little quilt was getting the right guidance. I don’t think there is a straight line of stitching on it despite the blue markers made with a t-ruler, but I don’t think sthe baby will mind.

Here is the quilt.

It is not perfect but it was a joy to make.

I always think of that one line from Wes Anderson’s American Express video.  I know–bizarre, but inspiration can come from the most unusually places:

“There is beauty in the flaws and vice versa.”

Which is so true for quilting and for life. It’s the every day things that bring so much joy. So, I sit here trying not to be too impatient with  my little Peach and just enjoy this little bit of life as I finish this quilt early on a Saturday morning, listening to Ben Lee and Sean Lennon sing background to my whirring machine.

Patience. I will always wait for you, sweet baby.

Useful and Beautiful and yes, still pregnant…

Unfortunately, due to technical compooter difficulties, I haven’t been able to post for the past week, which has indeed been a bummer, so I expect a few posts over the next few days until I deliver.

Which by the way has not happened yet. My due date came and went with nary a proper labor contraction. The day did include a couple of good errands like a run to IKEA for last minute nesting, a dead car battery, a missed OBGYN appt., and tons of traffic.  Hmm… I wonder if I make the baby her quilt, if she’ll come out… Stay tuned for more posts on that…

Oh and I’m huge–as I wrote some friends earlier this week you can see and the wall of China from space.

Anyway, back to my original post I was writing and wanted to post Monday.

Ever since I my cousin, Cheryl unwrapped her Barbie Dream House* that fateful Christmas morning all those years ago, I’ve dreamed about the way I would decorate it.* And now that I’m in a house I plan on being in for hopefully a long time I want to make the right decisions.

I can’t remember the name of the designer who said  to only bring things into your house that are useful and/or beautiful, but it is something I am now cleaving to, which means waiting on items until you find just the right thing that suits your fancy to a T. Like this:

I don’t know why, but I love Love LOVE these dear curtains I made from a vintage tablecloth bought off of Ebay last year thinking they would be nice somewhere in my old kitchen. Kinda kitschy, but full of that late 50’s charm that I find so dear. And they match the older yellow counter-tops we inherited with the house along with our vintage red kitchen table we’ve had for awhile.  Here is a close up of the pattern:

The valance I made–well, I’m still under debate on that. It looks a bit heavy, so I might have to pull that back a bit. We’ll see.

But the curtains make me smile. Isn’t that was your house is suppose to make you do?

So, while I still have rooms that look like this:

I can just turn my head to the kitchen curtains and smile.

*I know. I didn’t get the dream house–instead my parents thought I would enjoy the barbie mobile home/camper, which to this day I still find confusing as I’m not much of a camper or motorist, but hilarious nonetheless.

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