The Heat is On: Baby’s first Halloween

I must say, there are some great outfits available out there for babies this Halloween. And then there are the tragic, I-would-never-do-that-to-a-baby costumes.

Like dress a child up as a whoopie cushion.


Or a bag of money.


Or a little thug rapper.


But what made me actually laugh out loud was this baby dressed as Gallagher from Nested, my new favorite site.

BTW, they also have this brilliant write up of baby costumes too.

Romper Room!

Last week, there was a bit of a heatwave that was determined to melt my family.

Fortunately for me, I had bought this lovely vintage romper for the Peach.

It’s such a light weight cotton that it kept her quite nice and cool.

But the best part. Check out the fabric. Little brown numbers! TOO KOOT for words.

Finally, The Sweater Has an Owner

I made this sweater in 1997. For some baby. I can’t even remember. But I fell in love with this little cardigan. It’s from Kim Hargreaves Tadpoles & Tiddler book. It was my first attempt with intarsia and such a complicated smocking pattern.

But when I finished this sweater I did something that I thought was just a wee bit crazy. I kept it. For my baby. My unborn baby girl that I knew I was going to have one day.  That’s who the sweater really belonged to and I knew it would have an owner one day.

I continued to date for the next six years. And then I found The One. And then I became pregnant. With a girl. My girl.

It was worth the wait.

This little cardigan reminds me how lucky I am every time she puts it on.

It is not the best made sweater, but it is the dearest sweater I’ve ever made.

And it suits the Peach to a T.

Craftiness to the Rescue!

As a new mother, I spend a good chunk of time nursing the Peach in bed. And being a new mother, I live in blood curdling constant fear that my child is going to roll right off the bed and onto the hard wooden floor almost three feet away!

Here is a re-enactment with Raggedy Anne pretending to be the Peach on the edge of the bed! So scary, right?

I’m too crafty for that anxiety! So a half hour later with some foam, nice fabric and foam core board, I give you this:

I have never been prouder of my craftiness! OK, I will go back and make the fabric a touch tighter, but I am too busy to do it right now and felt the need for it to be greater than my need for perfection.  This is more for the remedial Slap Dash School of Craftiness.

Anyway, I call it “the paranoid mother board”. The Peach seems to like it too!

Pure genius!

Etsy Barrettetsy

The Peach’s fauxhawk has been subdued by gravity, and my wonderful daycare provider loves to kit the Peach out with some stylish barrettes.*


Which just means that I have a reason to shop for baby barrettes, like the cute one she’s wearing, which I am ashamed to say I don’t remember the maker, but I bought it at a craft fair months ago and just love it!

But there are some really cool ones out there. I just ordered some of from CuckoBoo from Etsy!  I know the woodland creature trend is big, but it should be when people are creating such cute stuff like this:


And check this one out this  this stunner from Pretty in Posies. It might never make it to the Peach’s head, because Mama wants to wear it out! Naughty Mommy!


But a beautiful bow still gets my heart. Like this gorgeous brown and turquoise polka dot one from Brown-Eyed Babies. Can’t you just see it in a little girls hair?


I’m still on the look-out for those old school plastic barrettes that were made of molded plastic of three flowers or a ribbon that I wore in my hair when I was a child.  Anyone know the ones I’m talking about? They used to come in a 12 pack. Anyone else remember them?

*Note: I miss the fauxhawk…


When I was pregnant I wrote about my amazement that newborns could go through 80 diapers a week.  I was terrified about changing that many diapers. Then the Peach came along with her little pooping bottom and lo and behold! I don’t mind changing the diapers!  Albeit the Peach makes it so very easy to enjoy as she spends most of her time on the changing table cooing and smiling.

But what really surprised me is that I’m using cloth diapers. Well, a mix of different options. Cloth and gDiapers.

But what really sold me on cloth diapers were the covers.

Like this one:

Pretty stinky cute, eh?

Or this one:

A close up of the hedgehog nommy cuteness up close:

Yup! GenY diaper covers are the bomb!

And Tiny Tots diaper service!

Nursery Update–A Little Corner

As promised, a minor nursery update. The picture isn’t the best, so I promise to post a better one later.

When you move houses, you see the furniture you have in a different way.

For example–my great aunt Lil’s cedar chest. I’ve used it as a coffee table for the past six years or so and it’s served me well in that role. But I hated when it started getting some nasty water stains from one too many forgotten cocktail, so I knew it was time for a reinvention or sort.

The cedar chest has gone back to its roots in the nursery as bench/extra storage. I sort of slapdashed the cushion using our old double bed foam cover (the fourth “R” of recycling mantra–reinvent!)  and covered it with some nice blue mattress ticking, which I think fits into the old school charm of the room.  I also added pillows that match the quilt and crib-skirt, but that’s it for that fabric in the nursery. One more piece and I would have been one step away from Sister Parish!

Once again, knowing that I have very limited storage and that babies just seem to sprout stuff, I tried to find storage solutions in every corner. Like this hook for favorite sweaters and this positively ancient red book bag with an elephant on it that I believe I found at a boot sale in London more than 15 years ago.  It is the perfect place to put papers or things out of baby’s reach.

Oh and the curtains are an old tablecloth I pulled out of my vintage linen collection.

And can you see the banner? The wonderful banner that Karen M. made for my baby shower? I was determined to use it and I finally put it up. I is the icing on the cake of the room for me. I think it adds a nice dash of charm. Yes?

I don’ t know if the corner is officially finished or not. I was going to put up these simply darling colorful kiddie records on the wall.  Thoughts? I would absolutely love your feedback, so please leave a note and I’ll post new pix if anything changes.

Next up, another corner soon, I promise. Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress!

Raggedy Anne Love


Although I know the Peach is way too young to actually pick favorites with her toys, but in my heart of hearts I think she’s a fan of Raggedy Anne. Perhaps because of my own Raggedy romance as a child, I’m a bit uneven keeled on the matter.

I had a parade of Raggedys running through my life after I loved on old ones too much. As reliable as Rudolf’s red nose would guide Santa’s sleigh that night, a new Raggedy Anne would smile at me from her plastic and cardboard box every Christmas morning.

I met a woman named Mary at a cocktail party who had her own Raggedy Anne story. She too was a loyal fan of Raggedy and would play with her until her red and white tights were leaking stuffing. At that point, Mary’s mother would sit her down and tell little Mary that Raggedy was very sick and needed to go to the doll hospital for some treatments.  Mary would carry her beloved doll outside to her mother’s car and click the seatbelt around her little rag body, wave goodbye to her and pray that Raggedy would survive her hospital stay.  Two hours later, her mother would appear with Raggedy looking wonderful, as if she went to the doll spa, with seamless tights, a perfect red yarn hairdo and a crisp white new apron.

Decades later over Christmas dinner, Mary’s mother talked about her trips to the doll hospital being a great time for her to get away from the kids, have one of her forbidden cigarette while driving after she HUCKED THE OLD DOLL OUT THE WINDOW on her way to the toy store to buy a new Raggedy Anne doll for her daughter.

I kid you not. Mary nearly burst into tears after that tragic tale of woe. But I must admit, I’m kinda thinking the “doll hospital” schtick is a pretty good one. We’ll see how the Peach reacts to that!


Nursery Update: Coo Coo for Cuckoo

It occurred to me that I need a clock in the Peach’s room.  Part of me really really wanted THIS CLOCK.


OK, an incredibly large and really awesome part of me wanted that clock. Because it is the clock every seven year old girl wants, right? (Or perhaps it was just me and my garish childhood taste…) But the Peach has a father who doesn’t for some bizarre reason think that a kit cat clock isn’t the sweetest thing since sliced bread.

So we compromise. And I must admit I adore the compromise.

A cuckoo clock.

And this one is really charming. Bought off of eBay for a pittance and working, but it was very dirty. I think the people who owned it before me stored it in a box of dirt in their basement.

But I was determined to make it work, so an hour later and fify q-tips loaded with Murphy’s Wood soap returned the clock to a bit of its former glamour.

Now, I just have to hang it.  I think it will look nice against the blue walls of the nursery.

Hack Job

I like to think of myself as an accomplished woman.

I have a masters.

I can dance the foxtrot.

I can make bread from scratch.

I can tie a man’s bowtie.

I can fold a napkin into a swan.

I can make a fabulous mojito.

But I cannot cut hair.

Exhibit A.

My poor child.  Before you report me to the fashion police for child abuse, I can explain. Her hair was so long and straggly looking in the back, that it looked a touch too reminiscent of David Spade’s character, Joe Dirt.

That is not a charming look for a baby.

But it was getting long–see, the Peach was one step away from mulletdom.

So, with one snip of the scissors, baby’s first haircut was over.  I have more respect for Vidal Sassoon than ever.

Forgive me Peach. But I don’t think she minds too much.

What a sport!

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