It speaks the truth!

Your Linguistic Profile:

45% General American English
40% Yankee
10% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Who would have thought that I would have this mishmash of a lexicon? I guess that Dixie part is due to my Mom saying she’s from the South, although her accent is more of a mix of New York/New Jersey. And I was told at a cocktail party that I sounded like someone from the Main Line–a smart little suburb near Philadelphia. I guess that Upper Midwestern is from living in Boulder for awhile. And all those years and college living in New England bring out the Yankee in me.

I will post a picture one of these days… If I could find the blasted camera. But I have been knitting. I finished a scarf for Miss Jenny and pounded through the body of the little matinee coat for Lynnie’s little niece. OK, soon! I promise photos!

Still slammed

I know fans, please forgive me. I just plain ole busy.

Since the move, my life has been so crazy that I haven’t spent more than 5 hours unpacking. I don’t live in a house, I live in a maze of boxes. Not cute.

And I thought I was SO clever listing what room each box belonged to with a special color code (yellow tag means “kitchen”). But alas those 30 odd boxes don’t tell me which one holds the roasting pan. So meals have been somewhat slapdash. Oh yeah, and the oven–runs a good 50 degrees below the temp that I set it for turning my delightful pork tenderloin into jerky. So not cute.

And I really crave knitting. When I’m completely stressed out of my gourd–like right now–a few rows of knitting will do wonders in unkinking my neck. Soon…Oh yes, soon. But right now, the lighting in the new house is only slightly sunnier than Batman’s cave, so perhaps I’ll run down to Joanne’s and treat myself to one of those oh so fancy OTT lights. Tomorrow is pay day! Almost as good as having mojitos pumped through my veins. Almost.

Moving On Up!

Tomorrow my sweetie and I are picking up the keys to our new home in Alameda, a island suburb off of Oakland. After almost 10 years of living in SF city limitAdd Images I’m moving to a house with a proper back yard where I can plant flowers and herbs for cooking.

The house is a three bedroom single story arts and crafts house. It does have a garage, but the driveway was built in 1911 between the houses when the only cars on the road were model Ts, so it is too small for modern day cars! Garage = gardening/bike shed. Good enough for us!

It even has a laundry room–no more dodging traffic as I run across the street with 30 lbs of black clothes stuffed into a garbage bag! The kitchen is huge with this strange box under one of the counters that you can put dirty dishes in and soap–then flick a switch and they magically clean themselves! Crazy!

And hard wood floors. And a fire place with built ins. I have to pinch myself to believe that I’m going to be living there.

For more pictures check out this site my sweetie created.

We feel very lucky to have found this beautiful house and we look forward to turning it into our own dear home.

And I swear I’ll get to more knitting stuff soon.

Good Stuff = No time

My sweetie just started his new job. But he is still freelancing his old job and going to school. So he is busy. Too busy to help me post pictures and do all that stuff. I promise that in November I will be much better about posting pictures and making this blog look far more charming than it looks right now. Yeah, Maybe, I’ll do that 100 things about me thing. And other stuff. Yeah!

But right now the next month is going to be painful for me because:

1.) We are moving from SF to Alameda into a classic California bungalow
2.) Devil-Ettes are putting on Tease-O-Rama, the only burlesque convention in the world!
3.) I’m going on a stressful business trip

All by Oct. 1st. So bring on the packing tape and fancy dance move. Sleep–that’s so five minutes ago. I’ve been waking up at 4:00AM every morning thinking about stuff. It’s driving me mad.

What STRESS-FREE knitting project can I do through all of this madness? SOCKS! Yeah. I’m going to knit socks! Yeah!

And I promise wonderful pictures of fun stuff tomorrow. I promise!

Top Ten Things I Loved About My Tomales Bay Vacation

  1. Counting stars at night from the hot tub and breathing in the distinct scent of the ocean mixed with fresh herbs and apples hanging from the tree above us
  2. Starting and completing all the knitting for my Kim Hargreaves sweater—with size 17 needles it was the fastest thing I’ve ever knit up!
  3. Rediscovering the joys of reading while diving into The Historian (while sunning myself outside
  4. Falling asleep to the sounds of water lapping outside our window (and sleeping on a properly firm mattress as opposed to the deadbeat one at my house)
  5. Eating apple pancakes while watching jelly fish casually swim by the house—they are so graceful and beautiful—from a safe distance
  6. Deciding to plant tons of mint in the backyard of our dream house we are hoping to rent in Alameda—after finishing our second round of mojitos, of course
  7. Taking naps during the day because I can
  8. Dining on the best BBQ oysters served at the Marshall General Store, which was a short 10 minute walk from our house
  9. Not having access to a computer or even a telephone for five glorious days
  10. Just being with my sweetie

Just in time

Today I received not one, but TWO packages in the mail full of yarn today. Be still my heart! And just in time for my six day vacation on Tomales Bay, where I have nothing planned but knitting and hanging out in the hot-tub–well, not at the same time, but you get the drift.

The first package was the Kim Hargreaves sweater. Her presentation won over my marketing heart. A darling little card was tucked in between the sheets of tissue paper and ribbon wrapped around the yarn. I took an awful picture of the package with my phone at work, but have yet to figure out how to put it on the Web.

I can hardly wait to get my needles into that yummy Rowan yarn. And since the needles are HUGE–size 17–and the pattern is mostly garter stitch, I’m hoping to have some nice pictures of my progress to show when I get back Tuesday.

But the big news is that Sweetie and I looked at houses yesterday. One in Alameda, the sleepy island town just across the Bay. The house is darling on the inside–lots of space and a very sunny back room and a nice back yard too. After ten years of city apartment living, this little house looks like heaven. The outside could definitely use some help, but there is promise of paint. So, cross your fingers everyone–we send our applications in tomorrow. Let’s cross our fingers that those few late payments on my Visa card don’t keep me from my dream house!

When I’m not knitting I’m dancing

You see, I’m a Devil-Ette ( The Devil-Ettes are a 15 girl synchronized go-go dance troupe based out of SF and we perform old dances from the sixties in ultra sassy fringed outfits and go-go boots. Great fun as you can imagine, but also a lot of work. Like mind boggling drive me to drink amounts of work at times. The group is something of an SF institution and been around for six plus glorious year creating its own dance dance revolution.

Every gal in the group has a nickname. And we all have the same first name “THE”. Like The Pixie, The Cherry Bomb, The Saucy One. I’m The Smarty Pants. I think is suits me well. I wish I could dance with my glasses to get more of that smarty vibe across, but we move around and sweat so much that my glasses would just go flying off my face and hit someone in the audience.

Although we put on San Francisco’s Burlesque convention, we don’t remove a stitch of clothing and are so PG, it’s funny. The moves might look easy, but holy canoli, try getting them all synchronized with more than a dozen of us. Woof! Hard work!

We are in the “Devil-Ette” performing season right now, which is taking away from my knitting, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I wanted to bring up the Devil-Ettes now, because they will be part of my blog entries for the next couple of months, since we are in the season. Just sort giving you the background plot, if you know what I mean.

But back to knitting. I just was very naughty and ordered a lot of yarn from eBay AND even naughtier, I bought one of Kim Hargreaves sweater kits. I’ve been wanting to knit a fitted blazer-like sweater for awhile and who could say no to Kim Hargreaves. Here’s the one I’m doing. Kim Hargreaves actually wrote me back—delightfully British and polite in her choice of words telling me that they were out of my first choice of color and would I mind picking another colour, etc.

Hoping it will come in the mail TODAY. We’ll see.

The Story of Dots

Dottie is a nickname. My last name is Dotson. My father and brothers have all had the nickname “Dot” and now it’s my turn to carry the “Dot” handle, but with a saucier girly groove. I’ve been told that “Dottie” suits me just dandy, thank you very much. But with a nickname like Dottie, well, you just have to love dots. And that means in the knitting realm too.

Such as these two lovely baby sweaters I made during a Seamless Sweater Workshop at Atelier, which is right downstairs from my apartment. Do you know how wonderful it is to literally live on the same block as your favorite yarn store? I assure you, it is sheer heaven, but a bit rough on the purse at times.

I bought the yarn during a little day trip down to Half Moon Bay with My Sweetie who let me loose in Fengari, this wonderful little knitting shop that was having a sidewalk sale. Both bags of yarn included six skeins of soft cotton yarn and were on sale for $15 for each color. Now, people, I couldn’t leave them at the store, could I?

I feel it’s my civic friend duty to knit sweaters for babies. They were addictive little sweaters to make. I had to mix the colors, they just begged for it. Nice bright colors for kids. One goes off to a family friend in Boulder, Colorado and the other to the owner of Manifesto, the best dress shop in SF.

Everyone made it look so easy

Boy, this blogging isn’t as easy as it seems. I read all of these charming witty women waxing on about knitting and their lives and thought, “hey, I could do that!” Every morning, as I brush my teeth I think of a million topics I could post about but as soon as I get in front of the computer my mind is completely blank and I scurry out of and head to eBay to look for some low-priced Kid Silk Haze.

And I need to post some pictures, right? I mean, that’s what makes the blogs so much fun, right? Yeah…. Gotta get around to doing that… Yeah…

OK… Let me see what I got here on my computer that I could slap up here…

Wait for it…. Wait for it…. There

OK, so I like pink elephants. Look, isn’t he cute.

But I promise tomorrow I will put post a knitting piece that will charm and delight. With pictures. You’ll see!


OK, so this is my blog. Hmm… Well, I’ve been reading about other people’s blogs for awhile–particularly in the knitting realm. And they make me so happy. I love knitting. Hmm… We’ll see if I can do this.

I hope so, because I have so much buzzing around my head all the time. I think I’m first going to have to get over my shyness.

OK, I’ll post again later.

And I promise, I’ll make it more interesting. And glamorous. Who doesn’t love glamour after all?

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