Have you read NieNie Dialogues?

I first heard about Stephanie Nielson as many people did–when other people blogged about her plane accident.

But I started reading her beautiful blog in earnest about a month ago and her perfectly worded posts that say so very very much more than the words on the screen.  Sometimes I am knocked out by them.


Photo by Cheryl Evans

Here is the first part of a beautiful story about her in Arizona Republic.  Get your hankie ready. And get ready to feel very very thankful for the little things in your life like hugging. And really what else is more important than a hug.

Feeling Bookish

Well, I’ve just finished E.L. Doctorow’s book about the Collyer Brothers and it was a bit of a downer. Although I do love Ragtime and his other works (and who isn’t just a little bit fascinated by the most famous hoarders in the world) I just don’t think I was in the best mood for this book.

So I’m in need of a cozy read. The type that I can snuggle into.  And for that, I’m breaking out my last Laurie Colwin book, Another Marvelous Thing. I must admit that I found out about this wonderful writer through a post on Apartment Therapy and quickly in three months, I read almost every book of hers–starting with Home Cooking and now ending with a very slim little book that I fear will be over sooner than I would like.  I took one of her books to the hospital when I gave birth to the Peach and it was perfect reading for it.

Her books also leave a bittersweet taste on my tongue, as she died rather suddenly when she was only 48 leaving behind a young daughter.  Here is a nice article on her and here is a good Webpage on her too.

I even like her short stories and I usually HATE short stories–too rich for my blood.

But I know I hate not having another book lined up.

Any suggestions. What is your go-to cozy book? Please leave a comment and let me know! I have a Borders gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket begging to be spent on a cozy read. Nothing dismal or preachy. Or even a thriller or interesting biography (I’ll ask your thoughts on one of those on another post one day) But now I need something light and airy that is easily read while sipping hot chocolate.

Mmm… hot chocolate….

Peach Art

I have a couple of pieces I’ve wanted to put in the Peach’s room for awhile.

But I needed to figure out how they would look first, since these plaster walls don’t like nails too much.

What do you think of this positioning with paper? I hijacked the idea from that fiendishly clever Martha Stewart.

Can’t wait to show you the art. It’s a little bit of everything–vintage paint by numbers art I nicked off of eBay for a steal, some old embroidery I had lying around as well as some sheet music I used at my wedding and other fun stuff. Just you wait!

Remember our beloved mobile? Well, you can see it has been moved until we find a way to make it too high for a certain young Peach to reach up, grab it and manhandle the heck out of it.  What a naughty Peach!

Good Bye Cape Cod

Holidays are full of traditions. And today I found out about a beloved family tradition that will end.

My parents have decided to sell their place on Cape Cod.

Which is really strange for me since I spent every summer there in my childhood and every Christmas there in my adulthood.

I always thought Christmas in Cape Cod would be in my daughter’s future.  A wonderful tradition to share with her. Of scallop Christmas tree lights and walks down to the beach with the nip of cold air working off a very full tummy after spending the week making cookies for the family.  And the chance of snow.

And this is where my sweetie proposed. This is where my father introduced each of my little nieces and nephews to his love of trains. This is where we cranked out dozens of Christmas cookies. This is where my heart has been so full.


But my heart is full now and  I like to think that it will open the door for new traditions that my sweetie and I will start with our little family.

Oh and BTW, thank you all for your comments on the ricractastic Christmas tree, but sanity prevailed and the ricrack is now just used to taunt my sweetie with in private as opposed to on the Christmas tree.   Tee hee!

The Day After

What a lovely day after a crazy week. Here’s a picture of my poor kitchen the day after still bearing the battle scars of a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

And this is after a full dance with the dishwasher and properly putting away the leftovers.

So much to be thankful for.

For food poisoning that cleared itself out of my system in time to enjoy a bit of my week’s cooking labors.

For my fever-free Peach and the nice folks at Children’s Hospital.

And of course for family, friends and a warm plate of leftovers the next morning.

I hope all you had a wonderful day full of special people that make it all so worthwhile in the long run.

Baby needs a hat

Unfortunately, the Peach is down with a high fever right now, but so forgive me if posting is light for the rest of the week between my sick baby and Thanksgiving.

I think I need to do some knitting to get my mind off of my sick little Peach.

I’ve been most remiss in my baby knitting. I’ve made her a hat or two out of scrap yarn and re-purposed other sweaters for her.

But when the Peach’s daycare provider said she needed a hat for her afternoon strolls, I knew the knitting needles were going to have to come out.

Afterall, it is Fall and it wouldn’t be Autumn without a bit of knitting. My arms can handle a bit of knitting.

And something special to keep her little head warm.

Like this utterly gorgeous silk from Debbie Bliss matched with this sweet vintage style pattern for a stella pixie hat.

The colors I think will match her new little magenta fleece nicely, don’t you think?

Gilding the Lily–Thanksgiving Style

Well, we are days away from Thanksgiving and even though I’m not making a tons of dishes, I always like to push the envelope cooking-wise.

So this year, I decided to make the cornbread from scratch for the cornbread stuffing. Soo good! I liked this recipe because I had to soak the polenta in buttermilk overnight to break down the cornmeal–an easy version of nixation and it was utterly divine in taste. Of course I had to try some–you know, just to make sure it wasn’t poison…

And I had to make my own broth! Bien sur!

But I’m most proud of making mayonaise. THIRD times a charm. I must thank Karen Solomon for her brilliant breakdown of the basic recipe. This cookbook of hers is pure genius. The exact cookbook I’ve been looking for for the past twenty years.  The secret was taking thirty second breaks in between teaspoons of oil. Brilliant. The perfect ending for turkey sandwiches for Friday.

Three Years

I can’t believe it’s been three years since we said I do, sweetie!


Don’t we look fancy?

Not so fancy this morning when I was nursing our Peach and you reached over and kissed my brow and wished me a happy anniversary.

But still just as much love. In fact, more. Much more.

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