The Peach in a Poppy

Unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t allow for much knitting right now.

But thanks to Miss Shona, the beloved Spitfire from my dear girly group, The Devil-Ettes, knit her little heart out to produce the most divine poppy hat for the Peach.

Dare I say, my beautiful little girl doesn’t do justice to the adorableness of this hat, I must admit. But don’t worry, the Peach is nicely rocking her vintage little dress.  Everyone I know seems to remember wearing a similar dress when they were a little girl.  Smocking and little baby girls have always been BFFs in my book and I’m delighted to pass that along to the Peach.

Unfortunately it was a little too chilly to not wear something on her legs. That’s where baby leggings come in real handy!  Baby leggings are great for diaper changes too.  These are from one of my fave Etsy sellers, KnottyBabyWear.

I love my sweet non-smiling baby. She has a more sarcastic wit and doesn’t lower herself to pratfall humor.    Trust me, beneath that stolid exterior runs a total bon vivant of a baby, who I think appreciates a more refined humor than most! At least that what I’m telling myself.

Oh, my widdle Peach, I adore you so!

Mobile Madness

I have been most remiss in our nursery updates which keep plugging along.


One recent addition is this marvelous mobile. The story behind it is sort of as a twisted ebay version of O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi.  Basically, Eric and I kept driving the price up as each of us bid unbeknownst to the other to a shockingly shamefully high price.

I guess that really has nothing to do with the Gift of Magi, but  speaking of the Gift of the Magi, does anyone remember the late 1970s television movie starring a young Marie Osmond based on the story called “The Gift of Love”?


I was OBSESSED with it!

Anyway, back to the mobile.  Who doesn’t love little painted figures from nursery rhymes?  And it has a very sweet albeit tinny tune that is played rather lopsidedly from the top that I think adds to its charm.

And we do love it so.  We’ve been Irmi fans for awhile–in fact that lovely lamp I bought for the baby’s room when I was pregnant is Irmi.

I think the Peach digs it. Don’t you?

Old Books


In June I visited my parents home in Colorado.  It’s always fun to go home and sleep in your teenage bed and go through items in your closet with memories just tumbling out.  But the best part was reintroducing myself to my book collection.  My parents were kind enough to hold on to every book I owned. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

I forgot about so many of those books.  So many of them. I guess it is normal if your first job was in a library like me and you could take home old books that were being pulled from the shelves. I almost remember some of the Dewey decimal system numbers–643 was cookbooks I think and 745 were craft books ‘natch.

My childhood bookcase told some interesting tales.  For instance, I would read one author and if I liked him or her I would read everything he or she  produced, which is something I still do to this day and recently did from December to March of this year with Laurie Colwin‘s entire oeuvre.  For example it wasn’t enough to read Anne of Green Gables–oh no, I had to read everything L.M. Montgomery wrote including the rest of Anne’s adventures all the way to Rilla and Emily’s stories.

But the best part is that my parents were willing to send the books out for the Peach. I can’t wait to introduce her to my favorite childrens books. I wonder what she’ll think of the Noel Streatfield’s Shoe books?

I’ve just started reading to Georgia at night as part of her bedtime ritual (the five B’s–bath, baste* book, boob, bed). At three months, I don’t think she enjoyed the subtle charms of reading, but now at five months, I think she is getting it.

Oh and here’s the Peach!  These were taken by Auntie Jen and I think they are  kinda hilarious. Jen likes to send photos of the baby while I’m at work and it just makes my day. This picture was in an email titled, “All hail the hawk”.


Speaking of the Hawk, this one features a rather feeble attempt to tame that hair.  I think this picture is so funny because Georgia looks like a little old lady–like something out of Grey Gardens to me in this one. I don’t know why, but it does.


World’s Worst Mom thanks to a Craft Fair

This past weekend, the Peach met another milestone. First cold. It was quite heartbreaking to see all that goop come out of her. Here I am with her. You can see I am not happy about the first cold…

But what did this naughty mother do? Leave her little sweetheart to go to the Renegade Craft Fair in SF. I may be a Mom but I’m still a crafter at heart and I had to worship at the shrine of all things crafty and let me tell you this fair was perfect for that. So, I left my beloved snoozing Peach curled up on her father for a few hours in craft Nirvana.

Part of my reason for going was my obsession with picking up one of these gorgeous Alphabet prints from Inside the Black Apple.  L is for LACE? Yes, please!

Here is the lovely Emily wagging her finger at my naughtiness.

And the other reason was to check out the Amazing Devi and her Modern Seamster booth.

What you haven’t heard of Modern Seamster? What? WHAT! WHAT???  Well, you best hop skip it over there and check out this online amazing sewing magazine. Chop chop–I’ll wait….


The fair was full of funky hipsters who love to sew. It made me so happy! Where were all of these people when I was growing up and getting weird looks from people for knitting during recess? Where were they at the local Joann, where I was the only teenager in the place?  I am just glad they are here now and following their love of crafts and turning them into their livelihoods.  They inspire me every day.

So, here is my booty from the event. Another snappy print for the Peach’s room along with Emily’s.

And check out these great pins that will snap up my black cardigans at work. SUWEET!!!

All in all a genius way to spend  a few hours respite from sick baby. Who, by the way, is doing much better now. Phew!

At last–the crib skirt

Finally, here is the crib skirt I made for the Peach’s nursery out of a vintage table cloth.

It’s the same fabric style as the quilt I made before the baby was born for the nursery.

I like the look of it with the gingham edging–sweetly old fashion, but not too cloyingly girl nursery, I think.

I bought the crib bumpers from IKEA about nine months ago or so. However, I did have to take off all of the ties and add extras to have it properly fit my Jenny Lind crib.

And you can see touches of other items in the nursery. One of the drawbacks of this room is the complete lack of closet space. The original closet was turned into a stairwell to the knotty pine converted attic/craftroom/office.  Ever the Clever Clogs, I turned an old “office in a box” piece into a wardrobe and added more storage with a set of red vintage luggage.

And an old Raggedy of mine watches the Peach sleep.

More nursery updates throughout the month as I try to finish it before I head back to work.

Happy June, everyone!

Three months

Dear Peach,

Today you are three months old.  My, how times fly!

I am putting away clothes you have outgrown. Those big pants that I rolled up are now capris on you.

Just make sure you don’t outgrow your crib, so I can at least finish the crib skirt in time!

I love you, my sweet,

– Mommy

PS: Good job with the tummy time!

PPS: Tomorrow, I will post the cribskirt! I promise!!!

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