World’s Crappiest sock

Some people just have that gift. You know, the ability to whip out a pair of socks in no time. It’s mindless work for them–nothing too pressing. They can chat on the phone and watch TV and within like 15 minutes they have cranked out a pair gorgeous lacy ribbed socks.

Sadly, I am not one of these people.

Behold, the world’s crappiest sock. It looks so sad and unloved and it totally is. I would rather run naked through K-Mart than finish this sock.

I used to be a sock pro. When I worked at Old Sturbridge Village as a costumed interpreter during my college summers, I would knit  intricate lace knee-high socks on size 000 needles.  I used to just know the number of stitches to cast on to make the perfect sock.  I would never follow a pattern and even do some intarsia pattern I would make up on the way.

I don’t know what happened–perhaps grad school or the working at a dotcom in the nineties–whatever it was, it just melted that knitting part of my memory away. One vodka cosmopolitan in 1997 and poof my sock knowledge disappeared. Who knows. Whatever it was, it’s gone now.

One day, those magical knitting skills will return. But not today.

Today this sock (which happen to be HUGE–way too big for me or any other human I know) will be ripped and maybe months, years from now it will be born again as a sassy patterned sock. We’ll see.

Cat Blocking

Thoughts from my cat, Minnow….


“Hmm… need a place to take my seventh nap of the day…

Not here…

Not here…

Hmmmm…  No, not there….

DEFINITELY  not there…


(Brown thing in knitted catbed not a poop but a catnip-filled toy made to look like a cigar…)

Ah yes–wet dark wool that will highlight every light hair of mine? Purrrfect!”

(Please note that I have left her eyes demon-liike on purpose.)

Olympic Gold

Cue music!

Yes, I finished the Apricot Plum jacket in all of it’s glory! I had a friend try it on and it looked banging on her too. Very boob friendly.

But wait there is more! I went for the silver and while Apricot jacket was drying from its blocking trauma, I knocked out the a girly pink baby sweater for my friend’s shower tomorrow evening. I used Knit Picks Elegance in rose and it’s quite nice to knit with. I just made the pattern up–a basic raglan with a little frill on the end. And the best part about it is that it matches these lovely vegan cowgirl boots in size 5. I’d say that registered a 7.5 or the cute Richter scale. I’ll post a picture of that tomorrow.

But that is not enough! I also finished this pair of baby devil pants that I finally sewed up yesterday too. These are for Baby Doe’s little bundle of joy–Dashiel.

So what a way to end my wee medical leave and head back to work tomorrow. Let’s hope work won’t get in the way of my quality blogging time. 

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