Team Dotson!

It’s official—the knitting Olympics has begun and I’m off to a running start.

Since I arrived in Florida Friday, I have made my swatch and already finished the BACK of the Apricot sweater. I even surprised myself with that. But alas, I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so we’ll see if I can keep the pace up. I left that eevile Mary Jane bed jacket at home in SF. Bah!

And since I’ll be in Florida, I will be taking pictures, but not posting them until I get back to the Bay area late next week, so you can see my progress on the Apricot jacket.

Now if I could only figure out how to get that little button thing on my site. As you can see, I’m not good at this compooter stuff, but with the help of my sweetie, I hope I can make it better soon.

And as soon as I finish the apricot sweater, I’m off to knock out an extremely lacy baby sweater.

Elizabeth Beeton

And here it is in all of its uber finery. Elizabeth Beeton.

Last year, I bought one of those quilted short jackets from Old Navy in black. And I love it. It’s perfect for SF weather and I think I’ve worn it just about every day since I bought it. But it was rather austere in it’s blackness and needed something colorful and knitted to liven it up a bit.

Enter Elizabeth Beeton.

Yes, I took those lovely frilly wristlets called Mrs. Beeton from Knitty and then made a matching frilly neck warmer/scarflet/doodah/thingy called Elizabeth by the lovely and talented Kate Gilbert. I’m assuming everyone in knitting Bloglandia knows about Kate. I’ve been reading her blog for more than a year and have watched her go from living in France about to be married to producing one of the cutest babies in Canada.

I knit all of the items out of Rowan DK Cashsoft and Rowan Kid Silk Haze. The greens aren’t all that close in color, but I think together they made a nice tweedy fabric. And they are sooo soft. It was an absolute joy to knit with. I didn’t want it to end.

Elizabeth was a dream to create. It only took one episode of Project Runway to knock it out! So easy and yet is looks totally fancy. I did make one change—I did knit the frill near the chin using both yarns, not just the kid silk haze which is what Ms. Gilbert wrote. I love it. In face I LURVE it!

Mrs. Beeton proved to be a bit of a let down tho. I don’t know if it was my fault or what, but the ended up being a bit big and the bell edging was well, kinda floofy! Like Seinfeld’s pirate shirt. I think perhaps a bit to twee for me. And I even went out of my not to do the beading. I’m not sure. But they are so very soft and really to give me a bit of warmth.

And and er, forgive the string hanging…

Knitting Olympics

I haven’t even finished this sweater of doom, but I’m already dreaming about my next knit—the lovely Rebecca Apricot sweater that I’ve seen made my almost every other blogger out there. I do have a bit of fear, because every person that has knit this has been like a size negative two! And I am * ahem* a touch bigger. But not for long as I begin the uber wedding diet to end all diets. In fact I call it the lifestyle change—THAT is how uber it will be.

But enough about that—let’s get back to knitting!

I’ve already bought the yarn—I’m going big on this—Rowan calmer—in a lovely blueish-plum. I think it will be the perfect thing to knit next week in Florida. Nice cool cotton in such tropical climes. Ah lovely!

OH! I know—I’ll do it for the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics! How cool would that be? It is supposed to be feisty knit—something that challenges you— yeah–I could do that! Whoo hoo!


So, here is a little work in progress that has been something of an irksome project. The Sweet Mary Jane bed jacket. Or as I sweetly like to call it—“Total pain in my ass.”

Actually, it’s not that bad. The four row lace is very easy, but somehow I keep mucking it up and it seems to take FOREVER to get anywhere. I’ve been knitting so fast on my other projects that this seems like I only finish about an inch a day. But then again, I am using size 6 needles with the equivalent of hairy mint dental floss, so I’m going to give myself a bit of a break.

I started knitting it with Addis Turbos and wouldn’t you know it—they kept slipping off, so I changed to bamboo ones and it seems to be making a difference. I got that tip after reading some of the feedback on that gorgeous Fig and Plum site. Man, she takes the most beautiful

And what about poor Elizabeth Beeton, you ask? Ah, a most troublesome problem occurred. I can’t find the sweet buttons I just bought to finish off the project. How awful is that? I even have the needle threaded waiting to attach the buttons. But perhaps it’s a good thing—perhaps I’m meant to find different even more glamorous buttons at Jo-Anne’s fabric later this month. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Comfort knitting

Knitting is very comforting when you are convalescing. Cozy wool around you and a cat curled up on my lap purring away.

My cat, Minnow has been so sweet since I came back from the hospital—she’s taken to sitting on my lap, purring away as I knit. She has never done this before. Don’t get me wrong—she’s always been a lovely cat…well to me at least… So what is she hisses at almost every other person? Or uses her poops as weapons? But to me, she’s a little puffball of goodness.

Even with all of her mommy love for me, she never sat on my lap for extended periods of time. But now, she is simply content to sit on my lap sending positive kitty energy to my lady bits. My Sweetie thinks Minnow random act of kindness is a ruse to get closer to my always present glass of water so she can knock it over and drink from it. We’ll see…

Anyway, I’m working on Elizabeth Beeton—a different twist on a scarf and mitten set that I’m creating out of Rowan DK Cashsoft and kid silk haze. Holy crap, is it soft! And I thought the Karabella merino wool was spectacular. It may ruin me from ever knitting with anything else. Hmmm… Would it be bad to ditch the wedding and spend all of my money on yummy yarn like this? Probably.

Finished Object–Viennese Shrug

Yes, I do knit—and finish things! And I pose in such completely uncharming ways. I always think I’m posing with a rueful mockery of Twyla Tharp dance moves, but instead I just look kinda lame. And what shows off my fabulous dance moves than than my delightful nightgown. Stand back Kate Moss–heroine chic is so 1994. The millenium fashion is all about grandma chic.

But more importantly, it is proof that I do finish objects. My delight Lanz nightgown in cream does show off the back lace pattern which hooked me into making this shrug in the first place. Check out the glamour here.

Oh and even included a shoulder shot. Very dramatic, no?

I must say that this is my first shrug and I initially wanted to have it finished before I went into the hospital so I could keep myself warm without getting bogged down by all of the extra fabric of a sweater in bed.

Nice thought, eh? Well, in reality I didn’t even finish one pattern repeat before I went in, but cranked on it to finish it afterwards in less than a week. I think I’ll bring it to work and hang it on my chair, and when people ask me about it, I can spin around innocently and bat my eyes at them as I tell them I made it—truly, I did!

I knit this clever shrug with 10 balls of Karabella dark green 100 percent merino wool and it only had INCHES left of yarn by the time I knit the last stitch. I’m sure it’s just riddled with boo-boos aplenty, but I’ll just blame any mistakes I find in it on the Vicodine.

But alas that’s not all—I will be posting MORE finished objects this week. A little thing I like to call Elizabeth Beeton… You’ll see. I think it’s ravishing! And right now I’m working on that Sweet Mary Jane sweater that you see the picture of below and I knit an inch on before the holidays and then completely forgot about. And that’s not all—I will stitch up those baby devil pants this week too. I know—Too. Much. Excitement. For. One. Day!

OH the shame

Of not posting in more than a month. But please hear me out during that month the following stuff happened:

– traveled to East Coast and celebrated a very jam-packed Christmas with my family
– came back to 12 hour days of work
– Spent 5 days in hospital having 25 fibroids removed and weaned myself off of morphine
– Dealing with my parents who moved in to take care of me for a month during my recup period-(I’m not suppose to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, which means I can’t even pick up my own cat, Minnow!)
– And became an engaged lady

Yup! My sweetie proposed. Long story involving my addiction to push-button puppets, tide charts, PMS, and the prettiest ring ever! I’ll bore you with it some other time. 36 and a bride for the first time!

But I have been knitting–nothing like being bedridden to get the knitting going! And it’s not for a baby or presents for other people–nope! This is something for me! The Viennese shrug from Interweave Knits. Man, I could have used that in the blasted hospital–so freaking cold at times… I’m elongating the sleeves, which means I may need to run out and get some more yarn. Hoping not tho’.

I’m knitting it in this gorgeous dark green yumminess. Will post pictures soon–I PROMISE!

Leaving on a jet plane

Yesterday, my Sweetie took me to a well-known knitting store in Berkeley about treated me to some lovely yarn and accessories. And then took me out to dinner at this yummy restaurant where I had the most divine gnocchi–little pillows–oooh so good!

Why the little celebration? Ah, you see, I’m leaving to go back East for the holidays–baking and cooking with my Mom while my father sets up the trains in the basement as we prepare for the onslaught of grandchildren/nieces that will desend upon the house Dec. 25th. It’s going to be wonderful and I can hardly wait. Christmas on Cape Cod!

And of course the big questions is–what to pack? Not clothing–knitting supplies!

So far I’ve packed the makings for the lovely Mary Jane sweater from Knitpicks. I think it will be perfect for my little upcoming hospital stay. But I also am bringing the devil pants to finish for my friend’s little baby boy, Dashiel–isn’t that a fabulous name?

And I really REALLY wanted to bring the makings for Knitty’s Mrs. Beeton and pair it with Kate Gilbert’s Elizabeth –I even bought two balls of Rowan CashSoft for the project in a lovely springy green. I think it will be the perfect addition to my black quilted coat. We all need a little color now and then.

Ah, but then I think about bringing the Viennese shrug that I’ve been working on oh so slowly! I actually have to focus when I knit it, so I can’t do it while watching TV and it’s a nice cozy dark green. I really want to knit them both up before the hospital stay, but we’ll see what I can manage.

This is hopefully the beginning of a new trend of knitting for me. The last thing I knit for myself was more than a year ago–a pink angora shawl that I do get a bit of wear out of, but I have bought the yarn for quite a few projects for me.

And I promise to take pictures. Absolutely! I just need to find my camera…


Have you ever just had one of those days when you are nothing but crabby? I’m having one right now. And yes, I think it is PMS-related, since my hormones are completely screwed up right now thanks to the fibroids and such. Blah!

I can’t seem to get any work done and I only want to watch Project Runway tonight instead of packing for my trip back east and doing laundry. I fear Project Runway might win.

But I have been knitting–in fact I’m just finishing up the Devil Pants from SNB Nation for my friend Baby Doe–so CUTE. And I just sent off knits for babies yesterday–babies that are now six plus months old. Man, I hope that stuff will still fit those ever so precious time-consuming, expensive yarn sweaters. Gulp!

OK, that’s enough for now. Bah! I’m so crabby I can only walk side-ways. Double BAH!

More later.

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