Gilding the Lily–Thanksgiving Style

Well, we are days away from Thanksgiving and even though I’m not making a tons of dishes, I always like to push the envelope cooking-wise.

So this year, I decided to make the cornbread from scratch for the cornbread stuffing. Soo good! I liked this recipe because I had to soak the polenta in buttermilk overnight to break down the cornmeal–an easy version of nixation and it was utterly divine in taste. Of course I had to try some–you know, just to make sure it wasn’t poison…

And I had to make my own broth! Bien sur!

But I’m most proud of making mayonaise. THIRD times a charm. I must thank Karen Solomon for her brilliant breakdown of the basic recipe. This cookbook of hers is pure genius. The exact cookbook I’ve been looking for for the past twenty years.  The secret was taking thirty second breaks in between teaspoons of oil. Brilliant. The perfect ending for turkey sandwiches for Friday.

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