Ebay Ecstasy

I know we are in the dog days of summer, but I decided to do some spring cleaning, inspired by my friend Jennifer who is selling almost everything she owns in prep for her move to London. And as I mentioned I am feeling more seventies prep than my normal vintage swing look, so I’m getting rid of some of my favorites including a couple of Manifesto dresses.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the past weekend taking pictures of the pieces. Some of my first photos were…uh… not as well styled as I would like–like this one which had a Weight Watchers Chocolate Mint frozen ice cream cone in the corner.  BTW, that is a very fancy Francesco Biasia bag that I spent a fortune on and am now selling for a pittance!

But then we found the perfect corner, which I think makes me look much cooler and hipper than I am in real life.

Books, vintage cameras and typewriter,  booze and Trechnikoff as background. Much better!  This dress by the way, is one of the Manifesto dresses that I just wore to death back in the day. But it sadly has a broken zipper, which I think means it probably won’t sell, but that’s fine. I kinda want to keep it…

If you are interested check out the other eBay auctions here.

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